previous Workshop leaders

Here are some of the workshop leaders we have had in the past, all industry professionals. Each workshop is led by a specialist in the subject, and will go into more detail about the chosen area.


liv prior colliander - Director & writer

Liv Prior Colliander is a Danish writer and director, based in Los Angeles. Over the past decade, Liv has worked her way up through the Danish film and television industry, working beside some of the country’s finest filmmakers. Her workshop will cover...

david henry gerson - filmmaker & actor

David Henry Gerson is a filmmaker and actor with work in the permanent collection of MoMA and whose films have won awards at international festivals, including Sundance. Born and raised in Washington DC, he is a graduate of Columbia University andthe American Film Institute.


JOHN P. MAXWELL - Writer, Producer & director

A writer, producer and director, John is a filmmaker with 18 shorts and is currently distributing his third feature film, a dark fantasy trip called VIOLET CITY. Aside from filmmaking, John keeps himself busy teaching Screenwriting at Liverpool Screen School (LJMU).


After studying in Belgium at the Institut des Arts de Diffusion, he finishes his studies in cinema at the Ecole Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne, with a thesis film, «Only Pleasure». After graduation, he finishes his World War I film project, «Paris, the 2nd», an ambitious film about Paris in 1918.


ASH TIDBALL - Director & Composer

Working in the film and TV industry for the past 15 years, Ash Tidball has navigated a selection of jobs to fall in line with his love of sound and directing. He teaches at the University of Salford through aspects of the media and TV broadcast courses for the past 9 years.